Solo exhibition in Amsterdam
Weeflab and the Brainshow - two projects about the axis hand-brain-creativity
OPENING 30 NOVEMBER 17 - 19 hrs by Dinie Besems, designer
from 30 november t/m 9 december 2018 open tue - sun 13 - 17 hrs

Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28
1054 SP Amsterdam  | 020 6161515

Swiping, scrolling and ticking replaced writing with a pen, doodling in marges and crafting. What are the effects of tactile deprivation on well-being and health? Will we grow new brain connections over a period of time? How do we perceive a loss of dexterity and making with material? How do we visualize our brain?

Stitch-your-brain is an international project and empirical study where participants visualize their brain. Since the start in 2014 it has gained the interest of many artists and workers in health care. At WG Kunst there will be an overview of stitched brains and some personal stories of makers.         

Weeflab is a platform and studio. For Monika Auch the loom is the connector between anatomy and art. Sculptures handwoven with the aid of computer software are an interpretation of the layered embryological growth. The large scale wall panels are enlargements of tissue - a look through the microscope.

Program of lectures see weeflab and arttechne