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pre-view of publication 'Crafting textiles in a digital age' by Bloomsbury Publishers Academic
 Crafting textiles in a digital age. Summary of the peer-reviewed chapter: 'The intelligence of the hand' by M. Auch: This chapter places the hand in the centre of contemporary art practice. The article is written from the hybrid viewpoint of the author as M.D. and weaver who works with threedimensional weaving on a computerized loom.
The article defines essential aspects of creative making. It discusses dexterity, the development of material sensibility and cognitive processes in relation to the current use of digital tools in art practice. The discussion is illustrated by interviews with contemporary makers. It describes the author’s research project, ‘Stitch_your_brain’ with some preliminary results. Interviews with designer/makers show that the use of digital tools has to be mastered as a new craft. Contemporary weaving practice faces the challenge to combine new materials with the infinite possibilities of the CAD/CAM loom. The creative process and making by hand in a computerized environment are likened to an interweaving dynamic proces. 
ISBN 9781472529060 UK Paperback, 256 pages, 8 septemebr 2016
editors Nithikul Minkulrat (Estonian Academy of Art, Estonia) Kerry Walton, Faith Kane (Loughborough university)