Weaving stones and Cherish at Rijksmuseum Oudheden

Wall hanging 'Weaving stones' and sculpture 'Cherish' at RMO (National Museum of Antiquities), Leiden in Textiles from Egypt, june - september 2020 >>> article for ETN
...  -->>

Tools, materials and rituals in weaving

Research at Weeflab about: 'Tools, materiality and rituals in ancient weaving' for exhibition Egyptic Textiles at Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, 2020

Bauhaus weaving workshop

Workshop Bauhaus weaving @ WeefLab, Amsterdam for Master students Technical Art History, University of Amsterdam >>> blog by Professor Erma Hermens and students

Artist in Residence at Hardangerfjord

Artist in Residence @ KH Messen, June July 2019 Research into the colors of Norway, august 2019 Exhibition NORDIC COLORS in Kortenhoef, NL

Solo exhibition in Amsterdam

Weeflab and the Brainshow - two projects about the axis hand-brain-creativity
OPENING 30 NOVEMBER 17 - 19 hrs by Dinie Besems, designer
from 30 november t/m 9 december 2018 open t...  -->>


25 april - lecture on invitation by the Dutch Royal Academy of Science and Arts. - Akademie van Kunsten en de Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) avond ove...  -->>


TIMEWARP - is selected for Tallinn Applied Arts 2017 an international art event, this year reflecting on the concept of time.
Timewarp series:
There seems to be a shift from the ...


Lecture about STITCH YOUR BRAIN in the context of slow making at Gawthorpe Hall, june 2016. Pre-view of article:
Miss Rachel, Engelse activiste in textiel. Het leek op een afl...  -->>


TALKING CERAMICS is a collection of interviews with artist-in-residence alumni who worked at the EKWC from 1991 to 2016. 50 artists, architects and designers talk about working ...  -->>

The brain in neuroscience, humanities and art

The Amsterdam Conference
will bring together scientific and humanities perspectives. The visual arts are invited, too. Are we the cherry on the cake? Or critical reflection?
For ...  -->>

sundaymorning@ekwc update 2016

Keramische fenix
Sinds 45 jaar trekt het EKWC grote namen zoals Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg, Bastienne Kramer en Hella Jongerius. Hoe is de situatie nu na de verhuizing naar het la...  -->>

pre-view of publication 'Crafting textiles in a digital age' by Bloomsbury Publishers Academic

 Crafting textiles in a digital age. Summary of the peer-reviewed chapter: 'The intelligence of the hand' by M. Auch: This chapter places the hand in the centre of contemporary ...  -->>

summary of publications in 2015 on material based making

PDF summary of articles on material based making and artist's techniques. Construction in textile art (in Dutch). All articles copyright M.Auch

how to - construct a neurotube?

Interview about my work, constructing with weaving. Author: Herma Meere, published in Textil Plus 234, 2015 - PDF

Installation of series "My brain as a flower" after Maria Sibylla Merian at 2e kamer, The Hague. PvdA member Marith Volp, M.D. is host to my artprints. PDF IMPACT conference
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