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Catalogue text for jewellery maker Ineke Heerkens
published in: Marzee magazine 62, 2008
Prestigious gallery of contemporary jewellery Marzee in Nijmegen exhibited work by Ineke Heerkens, june - august 2008
A short text to put into words the working process, the thoughts of an artist and a description of the work itself.
on commission by the artist
'We are surrounded by furniture, embraced by the warmth and comfort of everyday items that are designed to human needs and fitted to a human scale. In her pieces of jewellery Ineke Heerkens explores our relationship with these objects...She chooses her materials for pliability and and associative qualities that relate to her subject matter, i.e. function and shape of furniture and the lushness of a contained garden. The materials are a combination of rigid and soft - alloy and hand screen printed textiles, patterned like astro turf or stark spring green moss. While the surface are appealingly tactile the constructed frames are strong visual lines...One chooses these pieces as jewels to cherish - out of emotions like intrigue, curiosity or want to protect, hold and carry close to one's body. Ineke Heerkens' jewellery is a unique way of grasping one moment in time and converting it into emotion, material and form. It is a translation from the fourth into a wearable third dimension.'