printexchange A'dam-Sydney
ALTERNATIVES at Gaffa, Sydney
Opening: Thursday, 1st October 2015, 6-8 pm
image - detail of Stitch_My_Brain series II, Materiality
Monika Auch, Maarten van den Beemt, Karin Bos, Herma Deenen,
Ellert Haitjema, Christina Hallström, Arja Hop, Gea Karhof, Monique Kwist, Annie Schoterman, Mark Visione, Connie Vlasveld, Alex de Vocht,
Angelique van Wesemael.
Melissa Beowulf, Mahani Del Borrello, Daniel Chant, Laura Gamio,
Michael Kempson, Louise Lam, Georgia Morgan, Jack Nibbs, Jason Phu,
Ben Rak, Anna Russell, Ben Soedrajit, Keenan Thornton, Olivia Wilson.

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm, Sat: 11-5pm, Sun + Holidays: Closed
281 Clarence St,
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 4273

modified MRI scan of artist’s brain
silk screen print and collage on paper
38 x 28 cm
edition of 30 on 200 grams paper
edition of 5 artist's prints on 300 grams paper
The research project ‘Stitch_My/Your_ Brain’ is a critical reflection about anatomical imagemaking using contemporary printing techniques. Throughout the ages the reproduction of scientific medical knowledge mirrors the human self image and our relation to the body. ‘Stitch_My_Brain’ continues the combined history of printing and anatomy with series of art prints originating in Brain Lab situations.
It is supported by a grant of Stokroos Foundation.
Stitch_Your_Brain is the part of the project that is open to public participation, showing hand-stitched reflections  of the brain on the project’s website.
Monika Auch is a visual artist and  an M.D.