Installation of series "My brain as a flower" after Maria Sibylla Merian at 2e kamer, The Hague. PvdA member Marith Volp, M.D. is host to my artprints. PDF IMPACT conference

publications 2015


baby alpaca wool with soft cotton - handwoven - 160 cm x 40 cm

150 EU

printexchange A'dam-Sydney

ALTERNATIVES at Gaffa, Sydney
Opening: Thursday, 1st October 2015, 6-8 pm
image - detail of Stitch_My_Brain series II, Materiality
Monika Auch, Maarten van den Beemt...  -->>

Arts and Crafts at Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier

Amsterdam heritage days 2015 - Openmonument&dag 2015
Location: AGA behind the painting plants garden at WOW. On sunday 13 september 10-17 hrs I demonstrate silkscreenprinting on...  -->>

The Zen of printmaking

Experiments with natural plantpigments in printmaking started in 2015. A new series of big format artprints 'My brain as a flower' is in progress. Supported by Stokroos Foundati...  -->>

Kiwanis project at Leiden Textile Festival

Kiwanis doll, UNICEF project for prevention of Tetanus - also known as lockjaw, is an infection characterized by muscle spasms. In the most common type the spasms begin in the j...  -->>

Stitch Your Brain book winning competition sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishers

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The wearable zoo
The recent come-back of taxidermia since it’s heyday in Victorian times is dominated by female artists. There is a switch from testosterone-laden manifestation...  -->>

Wardrobe Of Lost Feelings made in cooperation with Dorothy Wedderburn - has been selected for the PULCHRI GRAFIEK BIENNALE.
WOLF is a project which uses the principle of re-cycl...  -->>

Opening: Thursday, 1st October 2015, 6-8 pm
Melissa Beowulf, Mahani Del Borrello, Daniel Chant, Laura Gamio,
Michael Kempson, Louise Lam...  -->>

Publication of three in-depth articles - about: 10th Paper Biennial Rijswijk Museum, LIMA and the conservation of digital media, Rothko's development as an abstract painter. For...  -->>

12 mei 2014  Intern nieuwsblad van de tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal - Marith Rebel (PvdA) De kunstwerken aan de muur in de kamer van Marith Rebel zijn van arts en beeldend ku...  -->>

Solo exhibition galerie Zone WEAVE IT from 1 may - 1 june
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