Kiwanis project at Leiden Textile Festival

Kiwanis doll, UNICEF project for prevention of Tetanus - also known as lockjaw, is an infection characterized by muscle spasms. In the most common type the spasms begin in the j...  -->>

Stitch Your Brain book winning competition sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishers

immigrants 2

screenprint on silk, weaving
61 x 39 cm

price - 750 euro (incl tax)

Monika_Auch_summary of publications 2013 - 2015 PDF 2003 - 2013 PDF


Monika_Auch_publications summaries 2003-2013 Pdf
summaries 2014-2015 Pdf

The wearable zoo
The recent come-back of taxidermia since it’s heyday in Victorian times is dominated by female artists. There is a switch from testosterone-laden manifestation...  -->>

Wardrobe Of Lost Feelings made in cooperation with Dorothy Wedderburn - has been selected for the PULCHRI GRAFIEK BIENNALE.
WOLF is a project which uses the principle of re-cycl...  -->>

print exchange with Sydney College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
Stitch_My_Brain series II, 2014

modified MRI scan of artist’s brain
3 layer silk ...  -->>

Publication of three in-depth articles - about: 10th Paper Biennial Rijswijk Museum, LIMA and the conservation of digital media, Rothko's development as an abstract painter. For...  -->>

12 mei 2014  Intern nieuwsblad van de tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal - Marith Rebel (PvdA) De kunstwerken aan de muur in de kamer van Marith Rebel zijn van arts en beeldend ku...  -->>

Solo exhibition galerie Zone WEAVE IT from 1 may - 1 june

kM summer edition 2014: three in-depth articles about about decay and restauration. Gesine Hackenberg, jewelry maker, Pauline t'Hoen, Stichting Behoud moderne kunst and Erik Fli...  -->>

Ann Marie Shillito's book DIGITAL CRAFTS: industrial technologies for applied artists and designers makers, by Bloomsbury Publishers features my work.
The extracts are taken fro...  -->>

Key-note at 4th Art of Neuroscience seminar, at EYE Institute, Amsterdam, march 2014 (for english summary see below)
Theo Mulder, directeur Instituten van de KNAW opende officie...  -->>

Key-note speaker at 'Beyond the Toolkit: Understanding and Evaluating Crafts Practice for Health and Wellbeing.' Falmouth University, February 2014
MP Sarah Newton vice-chair of ...  -->>

why I love books and writing - video statement recorded in a caravan.
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