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artist's book

Textile and graphic work meet in the artist's book which is inspired by the universal theme of love and irritation. Original screen prints on 60's wallpaper have been reproduced as a book that won the bronze medal of the CMYK prize in 2006....  -->>

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The wearable zoo
The recent come-back of taxidermia since it’s heyday in Victorian times is dominated by female artists. There is a switch from testosterone-laden manifestation...  -->>

Wardrobe Of Lost Feelings made in cooperation with Dorothy Wedderburn - has been selected for the PULCHRI GRAFIEK BIENNALE.
WOLF is a project which uses the principle of re-cycl...  -->>

print exchange with Sydney College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
Stitch_My_Brain series II, 2014

modified MRI scan of artist’s brain
3 layer silk ...  -->>

Publication of three in-depth articles - about: 10th Paper Biennial Rijswijk Museum, LIMA and the conservation of digital media, Rothko's development as an abstract painter. For...  -->>

12 mei 2014  Intern nieuwsblad van de tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal - Marith Rebel (PvdA) De kunstwerken aan de muur in de kamer van Marith Rebel zijn van arts en beeldend ku...  -->>

Solo exhibition galerie Zone WEAVE IT from 1 may - 1 june

kM summer edition 2014: three in-depth articles about about decay and restauration. Gesine Hackenberg, jewelry maker, Pauline t'Hoen, Stichting Behoud moderne kunst and Erik Fli...  -->>

Ann Marie Shillito's book DIGITAL CRAFTS: industrial technologies for applied artists and designers makers, by Bloomsbury Publishers features my work.
The extracts are taken fro...  -->>

Key-note at 4th Art of Neuroscience seminar, at EYE Institute, Amsterdam, march 2014 (for english summary see below)
Theo Mulder, directeur Instituten van de KNAW opende officie...  -->>

Key-note speaker at 'Beyond the Toolkit: Understanding and Evaluating Crafts Practice for Health and Wellbeing.' Falmouth University, February 2014
MP Sarah Newton vice-chair of ...  -->>

why I love books and writing - video statement recorded in a caravan.

Another local cooperation with music band 'Reveller' to promote their show in Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1st of february. Art Print 'Stitch My Brain' on the cover of their single CD '...  -->>
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