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Weeflab in Amsterdam Noord
profiles ‘weaving’ as a combination of skills, networking and research.

It explores contemporary weaving in a long term project, focussing on
making and critical reflection, i.e. the weaver as the protagonist of our times.

Weeflab is based on:
A sustainable agenda and manual skills:
weaving on hand- and computer-controlled looms,
serial and industrial work, printmaking with silkscreen,
material sensitivity and dexterity.

Weeflab is informed by a hybrid background of art and science:
spatial weaving and anatomy, layered prints and 3D growth,
textiles and tissue, grids and microscope.


Practice-based investigation about the hand-brain-axis and neurocognitive aspects in creativity.

lecture at KNAW, Royal Academy of Sciences, april 2017
about: The intelligence of the hand and
Stitch Your Brain project

Two sets of inquiries
1. The importance of making with your hands and the effects on the brain and well-being.
2. The influence of medical images on body-identity

SYB is supported by:
Bloomsbury Publishers

Foundation Stokroos


Specialized in writing about artist’s techniques and materials. Focus on the fusion of high tech and craft practice.

out in print:
'Crafting in a digital age' Bloomsbury Academic with peer-reviewed article on the hand-brain-axis and well-being.
Interviews with 50 artists on the benefit of making mistakes.

on textile matters and more:
The skin on the milk NL/ENG
De restauratie van een kimono
De emotie in haar


ontwerp: bureau gras