Keramische fenix
Sinds 45 jaar trekt het EKWC grote namen zoals Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg, Bastienne Kramer en Hella Jongerius. Hoe is de situatie nu na de verhuizing naar het la...  -->>

pre-view of publication 'Crafting textiles in a digital age' by Bloomsbury Publishers Academic

 Crafting textiles in a digital age. Summary of the peer-reviewed chapter: 'The intelligence of the hand' by M. Auch: This chapter places the hand in the centre of contemporary ...  -->>

summary of publications in 2015 on material based making

PDF summary of articles on material based making and artist's techniques. Construction in textile art (in Dutch). All articles copyright M.Auch

how to - construct a neurotube?

Interview about my work, constructing with weaving. Author: Herma Meere, published in Textil Plus 234, 2015 - PDF

Installation of series "My brain as a flower" after Maria Sibylla Merian at 2e kamer, The Hague. PvdA member Marith Volp, M.D. is host to my artprints. PDF IMPACT conference

printexchange A'dam-Sydney

ALTERNATIVES at Gaffa, Sydney
Opening: Thursday, 1st October 2015, 6-8 pm
image - detail of Stitch_My_Brain series II, Materiality
Monika Auch, Maarten van den Beemt...  -->>

The Zen of printmaking

Experiments with natural plantpigments in printmaking started in 2015. A new series of big format artprints 'My brain as a flower' is in progress. Supported by Stokroos Foundati...  -->>

Kiwanis project at Leiden Textile Festival

Kiwanis doll, UNICEF project for prevention of Tetanus - also known as lockjaw, is an infection characterized by muscle spasms. In the most common type the spasms begin in the j...  -->>

Stitch Your Brain book winning competition sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishers

Monika_Auch_summary of publications 2013 - 2015 PDF 2003 - 2013 PDF


The wearable zoo
The recent come-back of taxidermia since it’s heyday in Victorian times is dominated by female artists. There is a switch from testosterone-laden manifestation...  -->>

Wardrobe Of Lost Feelings made in cooperation with Dorothy Wedderburn - has been selected for the PULCHRI GRAFIEK BIENNALE.
WOLF is a project which uses the principle of re-cycl...  -->>

Opening: Thursday, 1st October 2015, 6-8 pm
Melissa Beowulf, Mahani Del Borrello, Daniel Chant, Laura Gamio,
Michael Kempson, Louise Lam...  -->>

Publication of three in-depth articles - about: 10th Paper Biennial Rijswijk Museum, LIMA and the conservation of digital media, Rothko's development as an abstract painter. For...  -->>

12 mei 2014  Intern nieuwsblad van de tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal - Marith Rebel (PvdA) De kunstwerken aan de muur in de kamer van Marith Rebel zijn van arts en beeldend ku...  -->>
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